BSM Cruise

Crew Processing System

German Form Confirmed


Dear Crew Member,

Your Form For Schengen Visa has been submitted, please provide below documents before you attend for Biometrik:

  1. Passport:
     Validity minimum three months from the date of expiry of the requested visa
     Signed by bearer or stamped by authority (unable to sign)
     Passport not older than 10 years old
     At least 2 empty pages for visas
  2. Recent photograph:
    Photograph requirements as follow:
     White or light grey background
     Size 3,5 x 4,5 cm
     The face should cover at least 80% of the picture
     Not older than 6 month
  3. Up-to-date Family card (kartu keluarga), not older than 6 months
  4. Seaman book (minimum validity of 6 months)